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Halloween….World Race Style


Occasionally on the Race, we as racers have to find ways to entertain ourselves during various holidays that everyone back at home is celebrating and we are not.   Halloween is such a time as this.  Our squad leaders, Brian, Stacy and Caitlin decided that a Super-Hero-themed party was in order.  Our entire squad met in Sofia, Bulgaria for an end of the month debrief, and that’s when chaos broke out.

The room was packed with Super Heores.

Capes were flowing.

Powers were flying.

Villains were shaking in their boots.

A fun time was had by all.

Our guys went over and above the call of duty and made this year’s next blockbuster hit, which I now include for your viewing pleasure.

Super Heroes and Villians from Jennifer Mitchell on Vimeo.

The next day we found out that our squad would be changing some.  We found out that our new squad leaders are Mike & Denise Murphy and Tamica Sloan would be our new squad leaders.  This meant that our teams would be switching around a lot.  The move was bitter sweet for me.  Team Petra is no more, but I am still so blessed to still have Martha, Tim and Joel on my team, but I am no longer going to be with three other parts of my heart.



Lauren and Danielle are now part of team Fanatic who is ministering in Istanbul this month.

I will miss laughing with these girls till all hours of the morning


Liz is part of a new team, team Sofia,

which is in Easter Turkey studying a people group that has never seen Americans before.

I am going to miss the constant knowledge and whit that exudes from this wonderful girl.


Team Petra’s last official family picture.

Even though it is hard being away from my 3 other sisters,

I am BEYOND excited about the two AMAZING new girls that I get to be on a team with for the rest of our Race.

Let me introduce you:


Meet Ashley.  This girls is absolutely the most genuine and giving girl I have ever met.  Not to mention she is hilarious.

She also has an unusual love for honey, oreos and Lost.

Needless to say, we were instant friends.


And this is Lindsay.  Lindsay is by far the funniest girl I have ever met (which for me to say is definitely saying something).

She is also the wisest and most discerning woman I have ever been around.

I have so much to learn from her and am so excited to spend a year with her.

Needless to say, I am mildly obsessed with her, and I can’t wait for you to be as well.


So now we are six…and out of the ashes arises….Team Phoenix…

Which we feel is a very appropriate name for all of us.  I mean, we do all have a firey side.

Not to mention, Phoenix tears heal people…

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